First Amphibian Emergence of 2019

I’ve spent the previous couple of nights checking for salamanders in my backyard (it’s a forest beside a ton of vernal pools and a swamp). Exactly 1 week ago, I found 2 salamanders. Since then, temperatures have consistently dropped below 0°C in the evening and night, so I managed to only flip a single blue-spotted over the next week.

Yesterday, I spent the day at work constantly monitoring temperatures and weather. The forecast for midnight when I got off work was 5°C and rainy. Almost perfect conditions for the beginning of an amphibian migration. As I hit my quiet road in Athens at around 12:40am, I was met with countless spring peepers, as well as a northern leopard frog, wood frog, and 6 or 7 blue spotted salamanders. I moved as many of them off the road that I could. Unfortunately, I think the ratio for DOR/AOR amphibians was probably 5:1. It continues to get warmer outside, so nights like this will become more common.

Click for full-size.

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